Here is a really nice article about one of my elementary school shows.


“Bonnie’s Song” is my favorite episode of my old storytelling podcast “401 Stories.” It’s an original folktale about robots featuring the voice of artist Nicole Tadgell and the music of Tiny Wight.


This collection of Zen folktales was my most downloaded episode, most likely due to the presence of the keyword “Zen.” Hey, I’ll take it.


And here is the second most popular. I guess people really like short story compilations.


“The Ballad of Brian” is my adaptation of a strange old Irish folktale/ghost story. It’s one of my favorite stories to tell live to grownups and older kids.


“Papa Rat” is another old folktale adaptation, this one was written for my daughter. It was the first story I ever “told” her without the aid of a picture book, and for that reason it’s special.


And here is my attempted adaptation of my favorite book. I did a solidly okay job.



Here are a few videos from a live performance at the Exeter Public Library.

“The Monkey & the Firefly” - Joe Theroux

Lila Prescott & the High Diving Board

Princess Lisa’s Curveball

Since retiring from the podcast game, I handed the RSS Feed for the old 401 Stories podcast to my brother Adam.  You can subscribe to Adam’s wonderful show “Aggressively Positive” on iTunes and Stitcher for new episodes, as well as access all of the previous 401 Stories episodes.